What’s That Sound? Art – “Supernatural Fairy Tales” (1967)

In 1967, Island records quietly released this debut from British band Art (formerly known as The V.I.P.s) produced by influential rock producer Guy Stevens.

After this album the members of Art regrouped to form the more well-known Spooky Tooth, and the record is now considered Spooky Tooth’s unofficial debut.  But “Supernatural Fairy Tales” stands apart from the band’s later work.  While Spooky Tooth’s sound is more keyboard-based and blues focused, Art was based firmly in the realm of psychedelia.

Sounds range from the dissonant vocals and angular guitar work of “Rome Take Away Three” and “I Think I’m Going Weird” to garage rock riffage in their cover of The Young Rascals’ “Come On Up“, then to soft-psych experiments on “Love Is Real” and “Flying Anchors.”  For having been released just after the Summer Of Love, this record rocks hard and utilizes a wide variety of sounds typical of these late ’60s psych offerings.

A must-have for any Spooky Tooth fan, and a must-listen for any hard rock lover!  Grab your headphones, roll a joint and listen to the album via the link below.  If you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes for $10, or try your luck with a pricy vinyl copy on Discogs.  Good luck, and happy listening!




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