Freelance Fiends is Coming

Enough teasing:
After 6 years & several iterations I’m retiring the Old Time Religion name and reworking the show in 2019 as Freelance Fiends. I’ll lay down some details now but for ongoing changes follow->
Twitter & Instagram: @FiendsFreelance & (which for now just redirects you back here.)

What’s changing? Not the music, that will be the same mix of vintage and modern that you’ve come to expect. I’m gonna tweak the flow a bit, and the show will be trimmed down to an hour. Shortening the show is mainly so that more people can hang in for the full episode and to eliminate any filler. It also ensures I have the time every week in an increasingly full schedule to finish a new episode

Another thing that will likely change are the time slots. I’ll still be on The Face Radio and Affinity Radio but we’re still working out scheduling. I’m going to try and do more live shows and remote interviews as well. Look for more team-ups with other shows around NYC, too.

Finally, for those who dig through my archives, they’ll remain up on Mixcloud ( and I’m working out a system so they’ll be archived at the new site as well.
Big love to all who’ve stuck with & helped me these years and I hope you’ll love the new show!


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