#1901: Reborn (Series Premiere)

Welcome to the radio premiere of Freelance Fiends!

Meet the new show, a lot like the old show but with a few tweaks here and there. This week’s an introduction to the new format with a mix of classic tracks and modern biz from NYC rockers like Strange Majik, Baked, Big Thief and more. Let me know what you think of the new vibe on Twitter at @FiendsFreelance and have a kickass week!

Full playlist below-> Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends every Thursday from Noon-1PM EST / 5-6PM GMT on http://thefaceradio.com / http://tun.in/sfzYq

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
Bulldog Breed – Reborn
Strange Majik (feat Cherrye J. Davis) – Don’t Let The Demagogue Get You Down
Queen – Keep Yourself Alive
Creepseed – Starflesh
Bambara – Doe Eyed Girl
Tom Waits – Low Side Of The Road
Firefriend – Burning A Haunted House
The Creation – Through My Eyes
Frayed Moon – Cursed*
Baked – Wet Blanket
The Webs – It’s So Hard To Break A Habit
Buffalo Killers – Parachute
Dr Chan – SHRANnK$$$ ($till Drank)
Tin House – Silver Star
Shudder To Think – X French Tee Shirt
Big Thief – Capacity
Santo & Johnny – Sleepwalk*

*bed music


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