#1907: Midnight Siren

I’m feeling this long winter dragging on so to ease the passage into the glory of an NYC spring I’ve put together mostly mellow sounds. Dig on vintage fantasies and enjoy new gauze from Rudy De Anda, Nadine Carina, Lonesome Shack, and Frankie & the Witch Fingers.

Stay frosty, but not too frosty.

Full playlist and purchase links for the artists below=>
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*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
The Chambers Brothers – So Tired
Rudy De Anda – The Mirror
Winstons – Woman Like Her
Andy Gabbard – The Dance
Tyrannosaurus Rex – She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
Animal Collective – Grass
Nadine Carina – Liverpool
Tommy James & the Shondells – Candymaker
Lonesome Shack – No Way Back
*Souleance – Le Sexy*
Pixies – I Bleed
Kult – Mister Number One
Guerra Despues De La Fiesta – El Poco Norte Que Hay
Blue Oyster Cult – Subhuman
Jeffertitti’s Nile – Midnight Siren
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Pleasure
Patsy’s Rats – Little Rat Charm
*Francois de Roubaix – Astralement Votre*

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