#1909: Dark Sorcerer

One aspect of music that has always attracted me is that there’s more of it being created out of thin air every minute of every day. Here’s a lot of it!

Full playlist and purchase links for the artists below=>

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*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
8 Bit Creeps – A Strange Little Party
Cannibale – Let’s Jump
The Fluids – Favorite Gun
Fews – Quit
Coco Verde – Clara
Nolan Potter – Pity In The City
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Dark Sorcerer
*Nightshark – Fuhrerbunker*
Grim Streaker – Today New York
Trash TV – Thin Wire
Black Hatch – The Cadillac
Ben Pagano – Members Only
Boytoy – Blazed
Los Mundos – La Salida
The Mystery Lights – Someone Else Is In Control
Wargirl – No Difference
Winstons – Your Heart’s Mine
*Eddie Hazel – Physical Love*


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