#1921: A Murder Of Crows

I’m heading out on vacation after this week so I brought some of my favorite 2019 releases to the table for your sonic succor! Please enjoy, share and support the bands, and tune in every week for a new Naked Brunch episode on Thursdays until August.

Tune in to a new show every Thursday from 12-1PM EST / 5-6PM GMT. Full playlist below ->
*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
The Mystery Lights – It’s Alright
Hooveriii – Fathom
Fews – More Than Ever
USA Nails – Work Drinks
Urochromes – Milieux
Grim Streaker – Snakes
The Pinheads – No Time
Weird Omen – Trouble In My Head
The Membranes – A Murder Of Crows
*Pas Musique – Ancient Culture In A Warp Drive*
Buffet – All American
The Resonars – Who’s Gonna Believe You Now?
Jouis – Wiltons Green
Holy Hive – The Things Themselves
Alien Lizard – Lost In Translation
Wine Lips – Fly Swatter
Earnhardt – Transmissions
*Dead Sea Apes – The Dispossessed*
The Advertisers – Whatever It Takes


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