#1924: Naked Brunch V

The heat’s on and Naked Brunch continues! Aural ephemera broadcast from the streets of Brooklyn to all parts unknown.

Every Thursday til August, noon EST on The Face Radio.

Full playlist below->
*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
Golden Boys – Berimbau
Jung Yoon Sun – Son
Armando Trovaioli – Enfado
George Arvanitas Trio – Summertime
Sam Spence – Sunken Ship
Aesop’s Fables – Take A Step
Marc Bolan – The Third Degree
Blank Blue – Faces
Ohio Players – Fopp
Erkin Koray – Geliyor
Breakout – Czy Mnie Jeszcze Pamietasz
Andre Previn – Executive Party
Rene Costy – Ostinato Bass
Ernie & the Top Notes Inc. – Things Are Better
The Deep – Wake Up & Find Me
Paul Baillargeon – La Mission
Moggollar – Garip Coban
Satisfaction Unlimited – Why
Sidney Barnes – Summer Sunshine
Googoosh – Talagh
Mazda – Superstition


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