#1926: Naked Brunch VII

All music is psychedelic depending on how you approach the experience. Ritual best executed as the sun sets (or rises) with a hint of extra chemicals in the brain. Best when shared.

Every Thursday til August, noon EST on The Face Radio.

Full playlist below->
*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
The Honeycombs – It Ain’t Necessarily So
Department Of Edu – Fuel Efficiency
Grupo Los Yoyi – Ruta 30
Curtis Mayfield – Get Down
Stained Glass – Fahrenheit
Francois de Roubaix – La Repitition
Bulldog Breed – I Flew
Souleance – Les Amis
Patricia Pellegrino – Automaticamore
Chaz Jankel – Get Myself Together
Original Tropicana Steel Band – Calypso Rock
Arthur Alexander – The Girl That Radiates That Charm
Ronnie Whitehead – Cold Feet
Reginaldo Rossi – Não Quero Mais Voce
Gene McDaniels – Dream of You and Me
Bar Kays – Pearl High
Sharon Tandy and Fluer De Lys – Daughter of the Sun
Scaramanga – Mind I C Mine
Second Direction – Praeludium
Please – Sing A Simple Song


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