#1927: Mad World

I’m back from vacation and ready to share all the new stuff happening in my little rock and roll world. Selections go from loud to quiet to loud loud loud again. You’ll hear new music from Strange Majik, Henry Black, The Boleys, Jordan Rakei, Maneka and more plus shouts to Mother Feather, The Giraffes, and The Advertisers as they play big release shows this next week. Rock out and go throw some money a musician’s way for some soul nourishment.

Full playlist below ->
*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
The Giraffes – Washing Machine
Mother Feather – Supernatural
Strange Majik – Livin’ In The Lights
Jordan Rakei – Mad World
Have Gun, Will Travel – Mystery Of Mine
Old Mexico – Stellar Jay
Henry Black – YGS
*Tengger – Kyrie*
Keys – I Only Want You For Your Rock and Roll
Maneka – Time In The Barrel
The Advertisers – Black Dog / Black Hat
Salem’s Bend – Ride The Night
The Boleys – Bad Trip
Dury Dava – Ataxia
Tropical Fuck Storm – The Planet Of Straw Men
*Frankie and the Witch Fingers – ZAM*


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