#1932: Coming Back From A Cloud

Summer’s hazy days are growing shorter as autumn approaches and while we’re all returning to the usual grind I like to use the shorter days and new routines to reflect a bit. This week’s all modern music, starting off kind of chilly and headed into a heavier second half. Hope your transitions are relatively painless.

Full playlist below ->
*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
Dustin Lovelis – Coming Back From A Cloud
Ill Phenom – Daydream
Geese – Ruckus
JuJu – James Dean
Split Moon – Shades
Bjork – Who Is It
Aldous Harding – The Barrel
*Dragon Welding – Lament For Common Sense
Stephen Artemis Jr. – Cold Rain And Snow
Shift – Consignments And Good Junque
Bronco Country – Tight Vibes
Bomb The Music Industry! – 9/11 Fever!!!
The Rubs – Round We Go
Devonian Gardens – Lab Coat Country
Gino and the Goons – Watch You Shine
c’yotes – Vinegar
Holy Monitor – Golden Light
*Slift – Trapezohedron*


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