#1937: Supernatural Fairy Tale (Heavy Halloween special)

The veil between worlds is thin once again which means it’s time for another Heavy Halloween special. This year’s edition is a little less overt about the riffage but I think it’ll hit the spot. Happy Halloween, Fiends.

Every Thursday at noon EST on The Face Radio.
Full playlist below->
*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
Art – Supernatural Fairy Tale
The Bad Joke That Ended Well – Rattlesnake Necklace
The Malpractice – Potty Mouth
Hairy Chapter – Bad Dreams
Creepseed – Rancid Goblet
Captain Beefheart & Shooting Guns – Dope Strings Well
Samane – Yo Hallitsee Taivasta (Night Reigns From Heaven)
*Mr. Hyde – Knife In Your Spine*
The Dead Weather – Blue Blood Blues
Wishbone Ash – Queen Of Torture
Fuzz – What’s In My Head?
The Giraffes – Can’t Do This In Your Head
Writing On The Wall – Mrs. Copper’s Pie
Weird Omen – A Place I Want To Know
Queens Of The Stone Age – Mexicola
*Goblin – Mad Puppet*

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