#1942: Too Much Tension (2020 Looms pt. 1)

As 2020 looms large ahead of us let’s take time for some tooth-sharpening and loin-girding with the first of three episodes highlighting how badass music kept bubbling to the surface in 2019.  This week it’s a mix of garage, power-pop, punk and the like. Godspeed!

Playlist and artist links below. Look for the (+) that denotes an NYC band…

*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
TJ Roberts – Midnight Stores
Gino and the Goons – Watch Your Back
Gnarcissists – Buzzin+
Fews – Anything Else
Bethlehem Steel – Govt Cheese+
shadow monster – Punching Bag+
The Coathangers – Stranger Danger
Liquor Mountain – Lost Time
Goodman – Watch Your Mouth+
*Blue Mode – Smells Like Teen Spirit*
The Pinheads – Don’t Have A Home
Elizabeth II – Mickey
The Resonars – Gone Is The Road
The Mystery Lights – Too Much Tension+
Jonny Couch – Vertigo+
Shining Mirrors – Johanna+
Bazooka – Ela
Ezra Furman – Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone
Queens Of The Stone Age – Crucifire
*Hawkeyes – Look At ‘Em Scramble*


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