#1943: Zoo Eyes (2020 Looms pt. 2)

As we turn to face 2020 head on let’s continue our reflection on the great releases of 2019 with a chillier, esoteric listen to the artists of NYC and beyond that got a little heady this past year. Attune and tell a pal, won’t you?

Playlist and artist links below. Look for the (+) that denotes an NYC band…

*Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky*
Grim Streaker – Heaven+
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Behind My Mind
Cinema Cinema – Cyclops+
Crumb – And It Never Ends+
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Modern Scene+
Ibibio Sound Machine – Need You To Be Sweet Like Sugar (Nnge Nte Suka)
Cannibale – Acceleration
Alice Boman – This Is Where It Ends
*Hotel Et Al – Coma Commando*
The Shivers – Trust+
Alien Lizard – Tangerine Cloud
Daniel Martin Moore – Drift Of Autumn
Prana Crafter – At Agartha’s Gate
Aldous Harding – Zoo Eyes
Pavo Pavo – Mystery Hour+
Winstons – One Thing+
*OK:KO – Piik*


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