#1945: Casual Monsters (2020 Looms pt. 3)

It’s the last episode before 2020 rolls in! Let’s examine some of the big riffs and heavy grooves of the year in the third review of a spectacular year in underground music. Have a listen, tell a friend! Big love to all the folks who’ve tuned in this year, hope the end of your 2019 rules.

Playlist and artist links below. Look for the (+) that denotes an NYC band…

*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
Miranda and the Beat – Baby Baby Baby+
Strange Majik – Starseed+
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Pleasure
Wine Lips – Fried II
Garcia Peoples – Feel So Great+
Pile – A Bug On Its Back
USA Nails – Creative Industries
Kal Marks – Nu Legs
*Caustic Casanova – Donut and the Golden Hen*
Electric Retro Spectrum – Frontline
Weird Owl – Phantom Physician+
Buffet – I Like To Shop
Netherlands – Casual Monsters+
Salem’s Bend – Spaceduster
The Giraffes – Golden Door+
The Advertisers – She Creeps+
*Hooveriii – I Dream Of Mark Lee*


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