#2004: Loud Underneath

Man, what a wild week that last week was. Things coming up don’t look less wild so let’s get loose with a mix of old rock and new to keep your blood wild with the times.

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Full playlist below–>
*Norman Greenbaum* – Spirit In The Sky*
Jeff Rosenstock – To Be A Ghost…
39th & The Nortons – I Can’t Do It
The Outsiders – Thinking About Today
Heaters – Bronze Behavior
Radiohead – You And Whose Army?
Banshee – Evolmia
Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free
R.Ring – Loud Underneath
*Bo Hansson – Divided Reality*
The Excelsior Spring – It
Coco Verde – Itchy Itchy Itchy
Algara – Potestad Para Hablar
The Sorrows – Gonna Find A Cave
Sunfruits – Above The Clouds
Lou Reed – Ride Into The Sun
Lucy Dacus – Night Shift
Fleetwood Mac – Show Biz Blues
*Steve Palmer – Useful Histories*


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