F.Q.S. 4/11/20 GET A BUZZ

Nothing to say except this one will be great if you’re drugged up, man.

Full playlist below->
Kadhja Bonet – Procession
Honduras – Off White
Moonwalks – A Little Touch Of Gravity
Foul Tip – Driftin’
Here Lies Man – Letting Go
The Harlequins – Step Inside
Ten High – Pipe Dream
The Symposium – Creeper
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy
The Exotics – I Was Alone
Salvation – G.I. Joe
Dustin Lovelis – Anecdote
Creepseed – Starflesh
Max Pain & the Groovies – Goblin Valley
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Behind My Mind
Charles Albright – I Am The Counterculture
Goodman – Watch Your Mouth
The Flaming Groovies – Somethin’ Else
The Greenhornes – Satisfy My Mind
The Boleys – Purple Skies
Cathode Ray Eyes – There Is No Beginning Middle or End
Lenz Faraday – Killer Machine
The Wolfmen – Needle In A Camel’s Eye
Devonian Gardens – Swallow The Sun
West Thebarton Brothel Party – Red Or White
Garbage Brain – Internet Band
Pill – OK
Tropical Fuck Storm – Planet Of Straw Men
Clinic – Mr. Moonlight
R. Ring – Salt
Black Mountain – Mothers Of The Sun

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