#2012: I Am Very Far

My first live show since 2016! Streaming from my garage on my janky equipment was a lot of fun (if a little choppy) but I laid out some more NYC artists for your quarantine pleasure. The way I figure it’s not the content, it’s the time spent. Thanks for hanging out and BE WELL!

Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends every Monday from 11PM-Midnight EST / 4-5AM GMT

Full playlist below->
*Desert Sessions – Subcutaneous Phat*
Winstons – Without You
Boytoy – Burning In Orange
Mother Feather – Man, I Wish You Were Here
Kissed By An Animal – Floating Head
Big Eyes – Prefer To Be Alone
True Dreams – Die
The Bobby Lees – Deem ‘Em Dead
Beeyotch – HDQ28 1080p
Baked – You Know San Francisco, Don’t You?
P.E. – Mandarin
Caroline Rose – Nothing’s Impossible
Brower – I Am Very Far
Casey Hopkins Duo – Evil Woman
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Walk Like A Motherfucker
Strange Majik – Don’t Let The Demagogue Get You Down
Heavy Traffic – See Right Through
Animal Show – Try and Touch Me
The Mystery Lights – Goin’ Down
Miranda & the Beat – Don’t Play Me
Charles Bradley – Changes


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