This time around on the Quarantine Stream we kept the algorithm’s judgment at bay for nearly three hours as the kitsch playlist provided a mellow mood to match my own. Wild electro-funk keeping it weird all night long.

Every Friday/Saturday 10pm-ish EST on IG Live via @FiendsFreelance and @OldTimeReligionRadioHour

Playlist (hilariously in alphabetical order) below->
Emanative & Ahu – Turn Your Lights On
Empire Of The Sun – Romance To Me
Escape From New York – Slow Beat
Fingathing – Spacecrumbs
Flash & the Pan – California
Fontan – Early Morning
Fotomaker – All There In Her Eyes
Francois Matte – Musi Video Show
Gino Soccio – Who Dunnit?
Giorgio Moroder – Faster Than The Speed of Love
Gique – Fulci’s Rotting Children
Glass – Won’t Bother Me
Glass Candy – Miss Broadway (demo)
Golem – Pyramide
Gordon Alexander – Looking For The Sun
Grand Prix – Cruising’
Guts – I Want You Tonight
Guts – Cause We Understand
Hatchback – Comets
Hideki Matsutake & K.I. Capsule – The James Bond Theme
Hot R.S. – Delta Queen
I Start Counting – Still Smiling
Informatics – Factory Nightlife
Innkeeper – Thankless Outro
The Invisibles – Spiral
Ish – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Itty Minchesta – Like A Box
J Walk – The Wasp
J Walk – Tears Like A Wave
Jake & Jody – She Freaks
Jean Pierre Millers – Rendez Vous
Joe Beats – Coxcomb Red
Johanna Group – Dreaming Without Her
John Braden – Yars Revenge
John Forde – Stardance

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