Another get together with my friends and the Brougham Drive’s Kitsch playlist, except no algorithm to trick as we’re trying out the new Mixcloud Live beta. It’s fun, there’s a chat if you have an account, free or otherwise, and we have a nice chat surrounding our desire to go back to clubs and bars and how we’ll do it after this is all over. Are we changed forever? Are we in for a new, sexy line of “club masks?” Will bar bathrooms be cleaner?

Join us to continue the Kitsch list every Friday/Saturday during quarantine, 10pmEST at  https://www.mixcloud.com/live/FreelanceFiends/

Playlist (hilariously in alphabetical order) below->
John Forde – Stardance
Jon & Vangelis – I Hear You Now
Klaus Schonning – Cyclus Part II
Klaus Schonning – Cyclus Part IV
Kraan – Let’s Take A Ride
League Unlimited Orchestra – Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Lee Hazlewood – Pray Them Bars Away
Mario Nascimbene Et Jula De Palma – Le Cafard
Martin Dupont – Your Passion
Material – Reduction
Maxime Le Forestier – Courant Dair (Rih Edit)
Methusalem – Zombie
Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee
Micron – Solar Rock
Mikron 64 – Grau
Mistral – Starship 109
Mnolo – Guerra Futbol
Mythos – Jet Set
Mythos – When The Show’s Just Begun
Nanette Workman – Donne Donne
Nazz – Gonna Cry Today
Nektar- Waves
Neon – Skydiver
Neon Leon – Crunch Factor
Nick Decaro – Caroline, No

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