Day 64 of shelter-in (and the 15th Quarantine Stream) brings us to a new adventure provided by the Brougham Drive. There were some issues with Mixcloud’s stream so I moved onto IG while exploring the playlist titled “Turntablism.” Lots of instrumental versions of rap tracks, lots of ambience, lots of scratching, lots of samples. Tune in and chill out.

Join the FQS every Friday/Saturday during quarantine, 10pmEST at https://www.mixcloud.com/live/FreelanceFiends/ or on IG LIVE at @FiendsFreelance

Playlist below->
DJ Shadow – In Flux
The Alchemist – Gangster and a Gentleman
The Alchemist – Deadly
Alley High – Voodoo
Alley High – World Wide
The Allies – All Hail To My Hands
The Allies – D Day
Aloe Blacc – Long Time Coming
Aloe Blacc – One Inna
Aloe Blacc – I’m Beautiful
AM Architect – Unspoken
AM FM – You Are The One (instrumental)
The Amazing Spider Band – Dimentia 5
AMG – Jiggable Pie
AMG – Bitch Better Have My Money (Bitchmental)
Amp Quintet – Seven Minutes Of Funk
Analog Brothers – So Bad (instrumental)
Andre Nickatina – Smoke Dope & Rap (Sonofsam Remix)
Andre Nickatina – Ayo For Yayo (instrumental)
Andrew J & Kaltenecker – Funqui Beet
Angelo “A.N.G” Foukas – They Got
Animosity – Intro
Anomaly – Last Experience
Anomaly – I Remember
Anomaly – Amporphous
Anquette – Throw The P (instrumental)
Antoinette – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (instrumental)
Apathy & Celph Titled – Nut Reception (instrumental)
Apathy & Celph Titled – Save The Day
Apathy & Celph Titled – Fix Your Face
Apollo Brown – Friday’s Child
Arcee – Super Educated (instrumental)
ArkGrb – Color Music Nebula
The Arrogant Atheist – Fire It Up!
Art Of Diggin’ – Keep It Live (remix)
Rabbits & Carrots – Romeo & Julieta
Artcrime a.k.a. Circo Inverso – Outro

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