Continuing our travels through “Turntablism” with chill vibes for getting something done or, y’know, not. It’s pretty chill like that.

Join the FQS every Friday/Saturday during quarantine, 10pmEST at https://www.mixcloud.com/live/FreelanceFiends/ or on IG LIVE at @FiendsFreelance

Playlist below->
Artcrime a.k.a. Circo Inverso – What About What (mix track)
Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (instrumental 1)
Artista Desconhecido – Unknown
Artiste Inconnu – Piste 4
Atlantis Creations – Zig Zag (Set Trippin’)
Atmosphere – Shoes
Atmosphere – Between The Lines (instrumental)
Atmosphere – Good Times (Sick Pimpin’)
Atom Ant – The Enlightenment
Audio Two – Top Billin’ (instrumental)
Audiobytes For Audiobots – Ropes
Audiobytes For Audiobots – Rendered
Automator – It’s Over Now (extended remix)
Autumn – Computer Touch (instrumental)
Ax – Instrumental 12
Azeem – Show Business
The B Boys – Girls (instrumental)
B. Pazazzz – Hold It (instrumental)
Baby Doll – You Can’t Break B Boys (instrumental)
Roc Raida – I Got Records Too
Baby Elephant – How Does The Brain Wave
Bag Raiders – Sunlight Tiedye (remix)
Bahamadia – Wordplay (instrumental)
Bahamadia – 3 The Hard Way (instrumental)
Bald Beats – No. 16
Bald Beats – No. 3
Bald Beats – No. 20
Barry White – Just A Little Bit More (Paul Nice Mix)
Batsauce – Easy
Batsauce – Coffee
Bean One – Gotta Understand (instrumental)
Beanie Sigel – Feel It In The Air (instrumental)
Beastie Boys – Car Thief (instrumental)
Beastie Boys – Shadrach (Shadrach Remix Instrumental)
Beastie Boys – Stand Together

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