#2017: Cherry Slush

Bringing some modern rockers of all stripes to your ears for COVID catharsis.
Be well, stay safe, fight for what you know is right!

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Full playlist below->
Kaleidobolt – Hydra
Mountain Tamer – Living In Vain Part 1
Ruff Majik – All You Need Is Speed
The Bobby Lees – Drive
Cup – Hideaway
Lumps – Sleep Tight
The Coathangers – Down Down
Kikagaku Moyo – Ouchi Time
Threatmantics – First Things
Chocolat – Le Faucon Le Chacal et le Vaisseau Spatial
Public Practice – Moon
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Take Me Away
The Venus Flytraps – Cherry Slush
Tennis Club – Cola
Personality Cult – Telephone
Bipolar – Fist Fight
Amyl and the Sniffers – Control
Pinch Points – Ouch 2!


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