“Turntablism” continues as time blurs and flattens to a streak across your expanded mind….

Join the FQS every Friday/Saturday during quarantine, 10pmEST at https://www.mixcloud.com/live/FreelanceFiends/ or on IG LIVE at @FiendsFreelance

Playlist below->
Beastie Boys – 3 Minute Rule (instrumental)
Beastie Boys – 59 Chrystie Street (instrumental)
Beastie Boys – Something’s Got To Give
Beat Assailant – The Bad News
Beat Junkies – David (instrumental)
Beatdoctorz – Loving (instrumental)
Beatdoctorz – Remind Me of Da (instrumental)
Beatdog – Track 35
The Beatles – I Am The Walrus (take 7 instrumental)
The Beatles – Because (Matthew Africa Remix)
The Beatnuts – Off The Books (instrumental)
Beatless – Hercules
The Beatnuts – Watch Out Now (instrumental)
The Beatnuts – What
The Beatnuts – Supa Surpreme (instrumental)
Bedroom Wizard – No Half Steppin (instrumental)
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – The Master Room
Bekay – The Raw (instrumental)
Belleruche – Reflection
Benjammin’ – Crooked Robo Cop
Benjammin’ – Dawning
Spyder D – Big Apple Rappin’ (instrumental)
Benjammin’ – Systems
Barry Weight – Yeti’s Lament
Beryer – Maria
Beyuz – Decades Theme
Bias – Lovelace
Bias – It’s Getting Better
Bias – This Is The Truth
The Big Cats – New Day
The Big Cats – Positive Imagery
Big Daddy Kane – Get Into It (UK instrumental)
Big Daddy Kane – The Lover In You (Mr. Cee’s Remix instrumental)
Big Pimp Jones – Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder
Big Pimp Jones – Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants
Big Pimp Jones – Jimmy Ruckus & the Five Fingers Of Death
Big Punisher – You Came Up (instrumental)
Big Punisher – You Ain’t A Killer (instrumental)
Big Punisher – Brave In The Heart (instrumental)

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