#2018: Hold On

Been playing some Mad Max on PS4 to pass the time, and given the state of the world been thinking about it a lot anyway so this week lends itself to those desert-psych vibes. All of these bands are on Bandcamp so if you like the music go on over and throw them a few bucks and keep our culture alive. Be well and stay safe!

Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends on TheFaceRadio.com every Monday from 11PM-Midnight EST / 4-5AM GMT

Full playlist below->
Mt. Mountain – Tassels
Korto – No Shit
Karkara – Proxima Centaury
Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss
Blurred City Lights – Argue Til We Die
Julianna Barwick – Inspirit
Dig Nitty – Small Curd
Quicksilver Daydream – Hang On
Prince Rupert’s Drops – Elevation
The Fluids – Favorite Gun
Banshee – The Law
Lowrider – Red River
The Giraffes – Bubble Scum
Thee Oh Sees – Jammed Entrance


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