Haven’t been able to listen to much vinyl during my own time lately so I decided to just have an old fashioned listening party. Pulled together my recent purchases (most scored during those Bandcamp donation days with the exception of an old Radiohead favorite) and listened to the first three tracks off of each one to comply with Mixcloud’s royalty policy. It was fun, chill, full of all your favorite vinyl snafus. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite record?

Playlist below->
Oh Sees – Anthemic Aggressor
Radiohead – 15 Step
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Radiohead – Nude
P.E. – Mandarin
P.E. – Machine Machine
P.E. – Top Ticket
Torres – Good Scare
Torres – Last Forest
Torres – Dressing America
New Myths – Howl
New Myths – Edge Of The World
New Myths – False God
Bambara – Miracle
Bambara – Heat Lightning
Bambara – Sing Me To The Street
Beechwood – Flesh Hotel
Beechwood – Boy Before
Beechwood – Amy
Urochromes – Milieux
Urochromes – Rumshpringa
Urochromes – Hair So Big
Brower – Real Girl
Brower – My Father’s Name Was Cat
Brower – 69th Road
Josephine – Through A Sea Of Time
Josephine – Music Is Easy
Josephine – Me + My Boys
SUO – Unsatisfied Blood
SUO – Whisper Love
SUO – Suffer
Tall Juan – I Don’t Know What To Do
Tall Juan – Baby
Tall Juan – I Like To Stay Home


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