#2027: Kickstand

It’s possible I drank a bit too much whiskey as I slung these 7″ records at you, many from NYC itself. Rock out, enjoy and spend some cash on these bands on this upcoming Bandcamp Friday because you are the change you want to see in the world.

Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends on TheFaceRadio.com every Monday from 11PM-Midnight EST / 4-5AM GMT

Full playlist below->
Worthless – Tunnel Of Gloves
Psychiatric Metaphors – Say Her Name
Yawn Mower – Kickstand
Top Nachos – Getchu
Native Sun – Oedipus Race
Cinema Cinema – Adult Themes
Tall Juan – Falling Down
Boytoy – Want
Weak Signal – Rolex
Justin Dean Thomas – Standing In The Door
Sam Kogon – Plans
Jonny Couch – Survival In The Summer
Josephine – I Heard You’re Gonna Leave Him
Looms – Dead Time
Beechwood – Sucker
Big Eyes – Can’t Catch A Break
Jacques Le Coque – Bead On You
River Cult – Neo Dog
Vamanos – Dreamin’
P.E. – Entertainment


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