#2028: Niceties

Tonight’s show had a lighter feel than most nights, just some nice music to listen to while you make plans. So, y’know, plan something.

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Full playlist below->
Nightshark – Fuhrerbunker
Casey Hopkins – Free
Phases – KEYS
Lonesome Shack – Too Bad
Luke McMurray Nutting – Mountain Woman
Certain Death – Parasite (demo)
A Shadow Of Jaguar – Burning Home
Dirty Streets – Good Pills
The Datsuns – Sittin’ Pretty
Salem’s Bend – Thinking Evil
The Membranes – Snow Monkey
shadow monster – Kill Me Sweetie
Lucy Dacus – Addictions
Noir Party – Accident
Life – Niceties
Lookers – Depressed
Lee Fields & the Expressions – Wake Up


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