#2033: Time Was

There was a time that was like this time but also much different than this time has been so I’m playing music from that time.

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Full playlist:

  • David Axelrod – The Mental Traveler
  • Sam Cooke – Lost And Lookin’ 
  • Evol – Speak Your Mind
  • The Move – No Time
  • Spooky Tooth – Feelin Bad
  • Sly and the Family Stone – Underdog 
  • Canned Heat – Time Was 
  • Silberbart – Chub Chub Cherry 
  • Leo and the Prophets – Tilt A Whirl
  • MC5 – Borderline
  • Bang – Questions 
  • I Corvi – Bang Bang 
  • Them – Richard Cory 
  • Johnny Winter – Bad News 
  • Silver Apples – Again 
  • Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra – The World Is A Ghetto
  • Graham Central Station – Tell Me What It Is
  • Jobriath – Inside 

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