#2038: Wax Wizard (Heavy Halloween Special)

The veil is thin and rituals abound, evil and otherwise. Let’s counter the chaos magic gone wild and get two whiskeys in with this year’s heavy Halloween offerings.

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Full playlist:

  • Nightshark – Pepper
  • Netherlands – Sluggo 
  • Somnuri – Welcome The Stranger
  • Stimmerman – It Shows
  • Ghastly Sound – Where The Ghosts Hide
  • Domkraft – Meltdown Of The Orb
  • Desert Sessions – Dead In Love
  • The Malpractice – Irk 
  • M.V.P. – ???
  • Fight – Kill It 
  • Kung Funghi – One Eyed Skoll
  • Sapata – Gobi
  • Olde – The Ghost Narrative
  • Chimney Creeps – Diving Line 
  • Ruff Majik – Wax Wizard
  • Arrowhead – Desert Cult Ritual 
  • Wolftooth – Forged In Fire 
  • The Malpractice – Melter

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