#2104: Dimensional Fusion

Keep that fog out of your head with new releases from Brooklyn and beyond with some older ones for extra pleasure.

Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends on TheFaceRadio.com every Monday from 11PM-Midnight EST / 4-5AM GMT

Full playlist:

  • *Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*
  • GUNK – Needle
  • Queens Of The Stone Age – Born To Hula
  • The Modern Folk – Dimensional Fusion
  • Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls 
  • Surprise Chef – New Ferrari
  • The Attack – Freedom For You
  • Beeyotch – Sound Band 
  • Bandicoot – Dark Too Long
  • Timo Ellis – Vampire Rodeo
  • Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla 
  • Q65 – I Despise You
  • Darkwing – I Think I Can 
  • Glenn Echo – Hearth
  • Josh Medina – A Summer To Forget
  • Mister Goblin – Hook In The Eye
  • Groupie – No Hands

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