#2114: Vision Quest

It’s a vinyl tribute to the music of NYC! Granted, an hour offers only a limited sampling, but enjoy what’s here while it’s here. If you hear something you like? Go and support the band this upcoming Bandcamp Friday. The soul you save may be your own!

And if you need more bands to back up on Bandcamp Friday, check out my all-NYC night from the early days of the Quarantine Stream!

Tune into new broadcasts of Freelance Fiends, LIVE every Monday from 11 PM – Midnight EST / 4 -5 AM GMT.

Full playlist:

  • *Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*
  • Beeyotch – Don’t Call The Cops
  • Big Eyes – At The Top
  • Las Rosas – Flood This House
  • The Muckers – Will you Make It? 
  • Miranda and the Beat – Chillantro
  • Sam Kogon – I Could Never
  • Dougie Poole – The Who’s Who Of Who Cares
  • Jonny Couch – Survival In The Summer
  • Tower – Leaving Today
  • Sun Voyager – Ghost Valley
  • Bipolar – Fist Fight 
  • Acid Dad – Living With A Creature
  • The Giraffes – Dorito Dreams
  • Baked – I Win
  • Beechwood – Pulling Through
  • Boytoy – Cold Love
  • Kissed By An Animal – Vision Quest

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