#2118: 1994

If you had a radio in the early ’90s, before Clearchannel got a hold of terrestrial stations, then you know THAT sound. It’s been creeping into the modern releases in NYC and tonight I’m sharing some riffs and grooves that span then til now. Hope it fills you with that warm fuzz.

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Full playlist:

  • Tobacco – Backwoods Altar
  • Superbloom – 1994
  • Silverchair – Pure Massacre
  • Somnuri – Desire Lines
  • Band Of Skulls – Bomb
  • Pavement – Unfair
  • Dead Tooth – Hell Shack
  • Pixies – Bone Machine
  • Morphine – Yes
  • Crumb – Ice Melt
  • Mister Goblin – At Least
  • Shudder To Think – Earthquakes Come Home
  • Motorhead – Mean Machine
  • Banshee – The Law
  • The Amblers – The Day I Gave My Sister Away
  • The Dead Weather – Gasoline
  • Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You

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