#2122: Disavow

I got wrecked by illness last week but I’m back on my feet and slinging modern rock missives so let’s sweat out all our toxins together, baby.

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Full playlist:

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar

Pinch Points – Stranger Danger

Dr Chan – HaNnnnK$$$ (Lookin 4 Da $in)

Gnarcissists – Fentanyl 

Pill – Dark Glass

Threatmantics – Now You Are Gone

The Shivers – Disavow 

Dustin Lovelis – Tompkinsville 

Felines – Outside

Baked – Them 

The Shelter People – Too Many Days Have Gone By

Salem’s Bend – Losing Sleep

The Rubs – Last Night 

USA Nails – Life Cinema 

Pontiak – Dirtbags 

Screaming Females – It’s Not Fair 

All Them Witches – Don’t Bring Me Coffee 


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