#2125: I Come And Stand At Every Door

Too much weight in the world and so, as is my way, I’m sharing music with you to try and lighten the load. A mix of old souls and new hotness, hope you enjoy!

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*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*

Nick Drake – Parasite 

Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor 

WEEED – Anicha 

Tame Impala – The Bold Arrow Of Time 

Grand Funk Railroad – Paranoia 

Ruff Majik – Tar Black Blood 

Kristen Hersh – Breath In

The Modern Lovers – Astral Plane 

Rudy De Anda – I’m Still At The Bar

Smile Machine – Pretty Today 

Harlem Meat Co. – I’m Not Gonna Be Anybody’s Fool

Killer Moon – Gateway of the Gods 

The Byrds – I Come And Stand At Every Door

Vision 3D – Party

The Breeders – No Aloha 


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