With the world so full of heinous business it seems prudent to share some of the positive things about 2021 and so here’s a mix of new releases from NYC and beyond to add a little joy to your personal feed. GOOD LUCK, GET BUSY!

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Full playlist below->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar

Wails – Among Dogs

Timo Ellis – EVOLVE OR DIE!

Strange Majik – City Is Burning 

Delvon Lamar Organ Trio – Call Your Mom

Arthur Satan – It’s All The Same

Dougie Poole – Don’t You Think I’m Funny Anymore? 

Big Thief – Little Things

Stuck – Playpen Of Dissent 

Television Overdose – Victory Garden 

Psymon Spine – Real Thing 

Crumb – Retreat!

Groupie – Human Again

Lily Konigsberg – That’s The Way I Like It

Josephine & Hershguy – Shtik Fleysh

nick cage – Simulated World 

Warm Drag – Butch Things 

The Malpractice – Heaven Is A Manual

Palberta – No Way

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