#2128: Vague Space

I needed to calm down after a rough day so here’s some calming sounds from all across the timeline, HOPE IT HELPS.

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Full playlist below->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar

Big Blood – Airaid Air Raid

Karen Dalton – Something On Your Mind

Stephen Malkmus – Vague Space

Pavo Pavo – Mon Cheri

Ultra X – Day In The Life

Mike Vickers – The Man In The White Suit

The Beta Band – Needles In My Eyes

Van Morrison – T.B. Sheets

Q65 – It Came To Me

Stephen Bailey – Day Dreamer

The Red Krayola – Free Form Freak Out

Marcio Greyck – Beija Me Agora 

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Autumnal

The Generations – Check List

Tacsidermi – Ble Pierre

The Uplifting Bell Ends – Earth On The Verge of Destruction


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