#2129: Red Flag

Tonight was all about modern rock releases, from the mellow to the unruly, mixed up for you in a way that I hope eases your passage through some seriously troubled times.

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Full playlist below->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*

Wine Lips – Eyes

Tommy and the Commies – Sucking’ In Your 20’s

The Glucks – Sick City 

BODEGA – Truth Is Not Punishment 

Nihiloceros – Halfway Human

Old Lady – Dangerously

Andrew Gabbard – Bummed

Spooky Cool – Strange Rooms 

The Malpractice – The Good Son

Fumaca Preta – El Mismo Abismo

Crumb – Up & Down

The Budos Band – Maelstrom 

campdogzz – Healer

R. Ring – 100 Dollar Heat

The Giraffes – Louis Gutherie Wants to Kill Me

Kung Funghi – Son of a Goat Dog

Fuzz – Red Flag


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