#2135: Strange Pursuit

For the first time in a while I return to the old format, a mix of new releases peppered with some vintage delights. Hope it keeps you warm during this cold night!

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Full playlist below ->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*

Tower – Powder Keg

Van Halen – Get Up

Blue Heron – A Sunken Place

Silverchair – Tomorrow 

Mighty Baby – Only Dreaming

The Byrds – Here Without You

Looms – My Stupid Life

The Rizzos – Lost Boys

Wire – Ex Lion Tamer

Glimmer – Breathe

New Myths – One Good Reason

Devo – Strange Pursuit 

Kaleidoscope – Keep Your Mind Open

PJ Harvey – Electric Light

Shilpa Ray – Bootlickers of the Patriarchy

Holy Hive – Great Chains


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