#2201: Summer Special pt. 1

It’s been a long hiatus but I’m back for a two-part summer special featuring 2022 releases, NYC locals and vintage treasures to ease your troubles. Here’s part one, baby. Enjoy!

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Full playlist below ->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*

Moral Panic – Edged

Personality Cult – Sharp Edges 

Gluehead – Dwight

Mirage – TV Screens

The Black Egg – Drug Culture

Weak Signal – Poor People

*The Electric Banana – The Dark Theme*

Weak Signal – Songworld

Pink Mexico – K Hole Lobotomy 

Bambara – Feelin’ Like A Funeral

Lammping – Never Phoenix

*Roger Davy & Albert Assayag – Regeneration*

Guerilla Toss – Cannibal Capital

P.E. – Lying With The Wolf

Big Thief – Time Escaping

Grim Streaker – Typical 

*Taggy Matcher – Nautilus*

Kendra Morris – Nine Lives

Sam Kogon – Barbed Wire

The Kinks – Did You See His Name?

The Cult Of Chunk – Drink Alone

Bodega – How Can I Help Ya? 

Goodman – Mis’rable

*Archie Sheep – Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior*

Guerra Despues de la Fiesta – Ahora Es Tarde Para Correr

The Chocolate Watch Band – In The Past

Doves – The Man Who Told Everything

Spiritualized – Electricity 

Mister Goblin – Over The Moon

*Arp Life – Bu Bu*

Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Soul

Vanity – As Expected 

Motorhead – I’m Your Witch Doctor (Live 1978)

Slift – Citadel on a Satellite*

Kissed By An Animal – Unicorn Baby


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