#2202: Summer Special pt. 2

Back again for part 2 of the summer special, a hodge podge of great stuff you may love or despise but really it’s all about the ride ISN’T IT.

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Full playlist below->

Blaktrix feat. Sonnyjim – Shoey

Ghost Funk Orchestra – Dark Passage

Jimmy Webb – The Naked Ape Theme

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin’ 

The Schizophonics – World Of Our Own 

*Mirage – The Mating Dance Of The Purple Locust Storm 

Brunning Sunflower Blues Band – It Takes Time

GA 20 – Easy On The Eyes

The Metaphors – You Have Everything

Monophonics – Broken Boundaries 

Big Girl – Science Fiction

Extra Special – Reasons

INXS – Don’t Change

*Piero Piccioni – Pearls*

Friendmaker – Weird

Liquid Smoke – Shelter Of Your Arms

Reverend Baron – Sleep Wakes Me Up 

Alan Parker & John Cameron – Heat Haze

Sunflower Bean – Feel Somebody

*Mort Garson – The Evil Eye*

Sum Pear – Bring Me Home America 

Slow Dawn – Near Dark y USA Nails – A Fair Nickel

Young Southpaw – Infinite Shakespeare 

Nicky Egan – In The Mirror 

*Paz – Laying Eggs*

Breeders – No Aloha

Powersnap – Lame 


Mary Shelley – You Couldn’t Know

The John Denver Airport Conspiracy – The Big Classic 

Lammping – Home Of Shadows

KEYS – Phases 

*Money Chicha – Yo No Soy Turku*

Tears For Fears -Head Over Heels


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