#2114: Vision Quest

It’s a vinyl tribute to the music of NYC! Granted, an hour offers only a limited sampling, but enjoy what’s here while it’s here. If you hear something you like? Go and support the band this upcoming Bandcamp Friday. The soul you save may be your own!

And if you need more bands to back up on Bandcamp Friday, check out my all-NYC night from the early days of the Quarantine Stream!

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Full playlist:

  • *Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*
  • Beeyotch – Don’t Call The Cops
  • Big Eyes – At The Top
  • Las Rosas – Flood This House
  • The Muckers – Will you Make It? 
  • Miranda and the Beat – Chillantro
  • Sam Kogon – I Could Never
  • Dougie Poole – The Who’s Who Of Who Cares
  • Jonny Couch – Survival In The Summer
  • Tower – Leaving Today
  • Sun Voyager – Ghost Valley
  • Bipolar – Fist Fight 
  • Acid Dad – Living With A Creature
  • The Giraffes – Dorito Dreams
  • Baked – I Win
  • Beechwood – Pulling Through
  • Boytoy – Cold Love
  • Kissed By An Animal – Vision Quest

#1934: Home Home (NYC rock special)

Some folk like to say that guitar rock is dead and this week I’m calling foul with an hour of some of NYC’s best live rock on vinyl. Big shouts to labels like Greenway, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, King Pizza, Exploding In Sound, Magnetic Eye and many more getting this great music out. Enjoy, tell a friend and go see a local show!

Full playlist and links to these releases below-> Continue reading “#1934: Home Home (NYC rock special)”

#1927: Mad World

I’m back from vacation and ready to share all the new stuff happening in my little rock and roll world. Selections go from loud to quiet to loud loud loud again. You’ll hear new music from Strange Majik, Henry Black, The Boleys, Jordan Rakei, Maneka and more plus shouts to Mother Feather, The Giraffes, and The Advertisers as they play big release shows this next week. Rock out and go throw some money a musician’s way for some soul nourishment.

Full playlist below -> Continue reading “#1927: Mad World”

#1921: A Murder Of Crows

I’m heading out on vacation after this week so I brought some of my favorite 2019 releases to the table for your sonic succor! Please enjoy, share and support the bands, and tune in every week for a new Naked Brunch episode on Thursdays until August.

Tune in to a new show every Thursday from 12-1PM EST / 5-6PM GMT. Full playlist below -> Continue reading “#1921: A Murder Of Crows”

#1916: Melter

We live in a modern age and that calls for modern music so this week’s a mix of brand new music peppered with some favorites from 2018 as well. Enjoy wild punk riffage and soothing psych on a roller coaster ride of a set primed for your emotional release. Get down and tell a pal.

Click here to explore the albums and great new releases from USA Nails, Buffet, The Pinheads, Lola Pistola, The Mystery Lights, Holy Hive, Rubber Room, Big Tide, The Glucks, Earth Tongue, and Netherlands

Tune in to a new show every Thursday from 12-1PM EST / 5-6PM GMT.

Full playlist below -> Continue reading “#1916: Melter”

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