#2135: Strange Pursuit

For the first time in a while I return to the old format, a mix of new releases peppered with some vintage delights. Hope it keeps you warm during this cold night!

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#2005: Threshold

Daily life and the grind of too much information too fast can make it feel like you’re being pushed up to your limit, but I assure you that you’re stronger than you think, and that we’re stronger together. Let’s commune over some great modern rock music peppered with weird tracks of yesteryear.

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#1939: Stray

As the temperature drops I’m eager for the warmth of vinyl. Here’s a mix of old school love songs plus a slew of new tracks from Stolen Body Records and more. Get heated!

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#1935: Good Health

They’re tearing up the entire sidewalk on my block and I can’t help but feel like that’s a snapshot of the wider world these days. So here’s some music to help push through to the other side, featuring vintage gems and new releases from Life, The Sh-Booms, Strange Majik, Magic Shoppe, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Weird Owl, ¿Que Asco?, The Hussy and more more more.

Enjoy, tell a friend, and hang on tight!

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