#2107: Shrieking Grief


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Full playlist:

  • *Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*
  • Nick Cage – Can’t Judge The Judge
  • Shred Flinstone – Hinges 
  • The Mad Doctors – Aggro
  • Timo Ellis – Death Is Everywhere
  • Dead Tooth & No Surrender – Small Town
  • Firefriend – Dead Icons 
  • Thirdface – Villains!
  • Amerikan Bear – Heaven Don’t Know
  • Reverend Mother – Let It Live
  • Holy Monitor – Ocean Trail 
  • Horse & Wells – Wildflowers
  • Glenn Echo – Times Like These
  • Sly and the Family Drone – Shrieking Grief
  • The Rubs – I Want You
  • I Am Bones – Patient Zero 

#2018: Hold On

Been playing some Mad Max on PS4 to pass the time, and given the state of the world been thinking about it a lot anyway so this week lends itself to those desert-psych vibes. All of these bands are on Bandcamp so if you like the music go on over and throw them a few bucks and keep our culture alive. Be well and stay safe!

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#1939: Stray

As the temperature drops I’m eager for the warmth of vinyl. Here’s a mix of old school love songs plus a slew of new tracks from Stolen Body Records and more. Get heated!

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Sounds Familiar #2: Cinema Cinema

This week my guests are Ev Gold and Paul Claro, Brooklyn-born cousins who make up the heavy-experimental duo Cinema Cinema. We met up over the summer to talk about growing up in south Brooklyn, playing gigs in what’s known these days as “Old New York,” how formats have changed over the years, and, of course, their favorite music.

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