#1902: Wake The Dreamer

Record-breaking cold has the nation in it’s grip and while our outer shells bundle up and hunker down, perhaps nature’s brutal indifference presents an opportunity to look within. Continue reading “#1902: Wake The Dreamer”

What’s That Sound? Strange Majik – Channel T

The first time I met David Patillo aka Strange Majik was at his Lower East Side recording studio back in early 2015.  We’d crossed paths because we both had radio shows (he was on the UK’s Amazing Radio back then) and I was a fan of his work as the guitar half of the blues-punk duo Dead Exs.  We were meeting to discuss having him as a guest on Old Time Religion and to talk about his new (at the time) solo project as Strange Majik. Continue reading “What’s That Sound? Strange Majik – Channel T”

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