#1942: Too Much Tension (2020 Looms pt. 1)

As 2020 looms large ahead of us let’s take time for some tooth-sharpening and loin-girding with the first of three episodes highlighting how badass music kept bubbling to the surface in 2019.  This week it’s a mix of garage, power-pop, punk and the like. Godspeed!

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Sounds Familiar #3: Greg Hanson of King Pizza Records

This week my guest is Greg Hanson; show promoter, sometimes-drummer, and head of the Brooklyn tape label King Pizza Records. He was kind enough to have me over to his place on a warm October evening to talk about growing up in the suburbs of NYC, film school in Boston, booking and playing Brooklyn shows over the last decade, striving to create a community, and how to be okay with taking care of yourself.

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#1939: Stray

As the temperature drops I’m eager for the warmth of vinyl. Here’s a mix of old school love songs plus a slew of new tracks from Stolen Body Records and more. Get heated!

Every Thursday at noon EST on The Face Radio.
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#1938: Raising Kids In The End of Times

The world seems to be on a slowly accelerating burn toward some kind of crisis and it can feel stressful. Plus it’s dark as hell at 5pm already and man, I need a little aural therapy, so here it is! Featuring brand new music from The Giraffes and the Membranes and mix of older gems and modern psych to help get you through another week. Stiff upper lip, kids!

Every Thursday at noon EST on The Face Radio.
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