#2023: People Make The World Go Round

Decided with the heat in the air and on the streets that this week was a week for funk and soul and such so get out there and shake it where they can see it.

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Haven’t been able to listen to much vinyl during my own time lately so I decided to just have an old fashioned listening party. Pulled together my recent purchases (most scored during those Bandcamp donation days with the exception of an old Radiohead favorite) and listened to the first three tracks off of each one to comply with Mixcloud’s royalty policy. It was fun, chill, full of all your favorite vinyl snafus. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite record?

Playlist below-> Continue reading “F.Q.S. 6/13/20 SLENDERMAN KNEES”


Little late getting this one up since I’ve been busy wrapping up the school year and trying to get a grip on where I am in what’s going on. Hope you’re doing well, hope you’re fighting the good fight. Turntablism abides.

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