F.Q.S. 5/30/20 WORDS DON’T CUT IT 2

Not much to say. Listening to my police scanners and watching the country lose it’s mind with the Turntablism playlist as the backdrop. Head on a swivel, kids.

#2018: Hold On

Been playing some Mad Max on PS4 to pass the time, and given the state of the world been thinking about it a lot anyway so this week lends itself to those desert-psych vibes. All of these bands are on Bandcamp so if you like the music go on over and throw them a few bucks and keep our culture alive. Be well and stay safe!

Catch Adam Schaper’s Freelance Fiends on TheFaceRadio.com every Monday from 11PM-Midnight EST / 4-5AM GMT

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Day 64 of shelter-in (and the 15th Quarantine Stream) brings us to a new adventure provided by the Brougham Drive. There were some issues with Mixcloud’s stream so I moved onto IG while exploring the playlist titled “Turntablism.” Lots of instrumental versions of rap tracks, lots of ambience, lots of scratching, lots of samples. Tune in and chill out.

Join the FQS every Friday/Saturday during quarantine, 10pmEST at https://www.mixcloud.com/live/FreelanceFiends/ or on IG LIVE at @FiendsFreelance

Playlist below-> Continue reading “F.Q.S. 5/15/20 ROUGH RIDE WITH SMOOTH EDGES”

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