#2019: The Soft Hands Of Stephen Miller

The world’s on fire so here’s some loud stuff for a brief reprieve from sirens and helicopters. Be safe, stay together.

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Full playlist below->
Charlie & Esdor – Fuck The Cops
The Holy Modal Rounders – The Pledge
Buffet – All American
Jeff Rosenstock – HELLLLHOOOOLE
USA Nails – It’s Ordinary
The Glucks – Youth On Stuff
Stuyedeyed – Mr. Policeman
The Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette
Refused – The Deadly Rhythm
Pile – The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller
Foul Tip – Madness
Death – Where Do We Go From Here???
Here Lies Man – Fighting
The Nice – America
Desert Sessions – Up In Hell
Idles – Divide & Conquer
The Giraffes – Honest Men
Creepseed – The Beldam
Sun Voyager – Too Much


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