Turns out if I play enough independent artists then IG’s algorithm doesn’t kick me off as fast. Who knew?
Find your new comfort music. Hope you’re safe and well and healthy out there, you beautiful freaks. I miss you.

Playlist below->
Stephen Bailey – Demure
Sunfruits – Above The Clouds
Morgan Delt – I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside
Wake The Dreamer – The Savage Blush
The Malpractice – Melter
Dead Meadow – Get Up On Down
Eerie Wanda – Happy Hard Times
Mind Spiders – No Romance
Old Man’s Will – Troubled Man
Desert Sessions – Crucifire
Mother Feather – Man, I Wish You Were Here
Creepseed – Rancid Goblet
Sun Voyager – Caves Of Steel
USA Nails – A Fair Nickel
The Death Wheelers – Sleazy Rider Returns
Personality Cult – Circles
Urochromes – Milieux
P.E. – Machine Machine
The Advertisers – Red Meat
The Advertisers – Hold Me Tight
Gino & the Goons – Watch You Shine
Dr. Chan – $till Drank
Amyl & the Sniffers – Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)
Flasyd – Johnny
The Manikins – Bad Times
Tommy & the Commies – Hurtin’ Boys
FEWS – Anything Else
Korto – Hot Rock
Les Amis – Souleance
Beck – Heaven Hammer (Missing)
Stephen Bailey – Hyde
The Rubs – Why Won’t You Wait?


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