#2137: Life’s A Bitch (2021 Review pt. 5)

The last episode of 2021 and the start of my 10th year of the show. Let’s get down with some of my favorite earworms and brainsnakes of the past year.

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Full playlist below ->

*Tobacco – Backwoods Altar*

Glenn Echo – How Much Blood 

Old Lady – Dance Of Death

Torres – Don’t Go Puttin’ Wishes In My Head 

Morgan Weidinger – My Eyes For You

Mister Goblin – Hook In The Eye 

Wine Lips – Fingers 

Arthur Satan – Summer

Evolfo – Give Me Time

Gustaf – Dream 

Groupie – No Hands

The Malpractice – The Good Son

Creepseed – Yak Yak Yak

GUNK – Pulp

Superbloom – 1994

pelvi$$ – Life’s A Bitch


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